he Dynasty 35mm is by far our biggest seller.  The pole is reeded on one side and smooth on the other.  When you install the pole, you simple choose what side you see.  If you fancy a change down the line, simply twist the pole around to show the opposite side and you have something different to look at!  Comes in two finishes – brushed steel or antique brass – and there are four lengths available 160, 200, 240cm all in one piece & a 320cm rod in two pieces complete with a splice.  The rings have a nylon insert which enable a smooth gliding motion over the pole as the curtains are being opened and closed.



The Dynasty 42mm smooth rod is also very popular.  It comes in a choice of three finishes – brushed steel, antique brass or black nickel.  There are also three types of finials available for this pole – the urn, ball or crystal.  The rings have nylon inserts to enable smooth running alone the pole.  There are five lengths of pole available – 160cm, 200cm, 240cm which are all in one piece and a 320cm & 400cm rod in two pieces complete with a splice.

You can choose either the traditional A -Frame Bracket or the Luxury Open Cup bracket which gives longer projection away from the wall of approximately 150mm.  This range can also be used on corners or on a bay window with the use of a bay angle.   For a bay window, you’d use a C-ring for the pole.
Antique Brass


Black Nickel


Brushed Steel